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Excellent news! The AURA collection from the German raw materials "IMERYS TABLEWARE"
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Excellent news! The AURA collection from the German raw materials "IMERYS TABLEWARE"

Excellent news! The AURA collection from the German raw materials "IMERYS TABLEWARE" 12.05.2017 PJSC "Dobrush Porcelain Factory" offers a collection of ware of "AURA" with the raised whiteness! Products from AURA porcelain are made on the presses of isostatic pressing of the German company "SAMA Maschinenbau GmbH" and by means of casting methods under pressure and formations.
     Roasting of products is performed in 2 stages on modern energy saving high-speed furnaces of the Czech firm "GRUN" at a temperature of 1410C that allows to receive classical hard porcelain. Products are made of the high-quality raw materials delivered by the German firm "IMERYS TABLEWARE".    
     Quality: The whiteness of products reaches 88%. Thickness of walls of 3,5-4,5 mm helps to keep dish temperature. Glaze thickness - 0,2-0,25 mm provides resistance of glaze to damage. Ware differs in low water absorption - less than 0,02%.  
     Product quality, issued by PJSC "Dobrush Porcelain Factory", is provided with the certified quality management system conforming to requirements of STB ISO 9001:2009. Products conform to requirements of GOST 28390-89 and regulations of Germany.
     Thermal stability: Products have the increased thermal stability - to 300 C. They can be used in Microwave ovens, freezers and dishwashers.
     Wide assortment: The big list of products for laying is offered. Ware is intended for intensive use in the conditions of modern restaurant.
     Safety for health: All products are made of environmentally friendly raw materials. Content of lead and cadmium doesn't exceed the established regulations.
     Ware is intended for any kinds of a sink. The acid-resistant glaze covering protects products from the chemical reagents applied when washing ware. Glaze isn't scratched in case of interaction with tableware.  

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